Christmas Bauble with Ornaments
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Its almost Christmas and we are about to decorate our Christmas trees with beautiful decorations. So today this is my proposition.

I’m using round plastic bauble this time but you can also use Styrofoam ball. Fist I use sand paper to smooth imperfections and make my surface matt so paint sticks to it easily. Then I apply one coat of primer using decoupage sponge.

When my bauble is dry I can start with rice paper. First I use fingers to tear images out instead of cutting with scissors. This way they tend to blend more easily and we will need less varnish later on. I also tear my images towards centre because baubles are round and picture is quite large. Gluing rice paper is quite easy and even if we make mistake we can remove paper and start from the beginning. I always apply glue under the paper first and then on top of it starting from the middle smoothing it towards edges. Press your brush firmly to squeeze air bubbles from under the paper. Torn edges should overlap each other, this will not be visible later on.

While our paper is drying we can start preparing moulds. I use cram paste and spatula to fill my moulds. This process will take you several days as it takes about 24 hours for the paste to dry. This could be even longer if you are using deeper moulds. As usual all the supplies can be purchased in our online shop at
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When paste is dry I remove it from moulds and I glue it on my baubles using express glue. I tried using heave body gel but it takes to long to dry. Express glue works really well. This paste is very flexible after drying which gives you opportunity of working on curved surfaces. I have to say that I’m very pleased with it so far.

Next step is shading. I use several acrylic paints mixed with blending medium and two shading sponges. Blending medium extends drying time of the paint and gives me time to create shading around images. I use only one drop of liquid with all my paints. First I apply paint on my smaller sponge and dip it in blending medium then I apply mixture around images and with help of larger sponge I create shading by tapping on the paint. I usually use green paint around green leaves, red around red flowers and so on. This is very easy and everyone can do it, if you make mistake you can wipe it off and start again because blending medium makes paint to dry longer so you have time to correct mistakes. It is important to wait at least 24 hours before you start varnishing.

When my paint is completely dry I apply gilding glue unevenly on my decors with stiff bristle brush and wait for my glue to dry and becomes sticky.
Then I can start gluing metal flakes. I use copper, gold and green flakes to match the colours on my images. They will stick only in places where I applied glue earlier on. At the end I use brush to scratch off loose bits.

I want more metal flakes around decors so I repeat the whole process of gluing, drying, applying flakes once again.

Finally when I’m happy with the finish I use solvent based varnish to protect metal flakes from tarnishing. Remember we always use solvent based varnish with metal flakes!!! I apply couple of coats of varnish with drying between the coats then I use fine sand paper to smooth the surface where images are and then I apply varnish again. I repeat the steps until surface of my bauble is completely flat and it looks like glass. Part with decors doesn’t  need as much varnish so couple of coats should be just enough.


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