Christmas Bottle with Deers

Welcome to my tutorial:):)
This video was created specialy for beginners with simple decoupage on recycled bottle. You can use an old jar insted of bottle if you want to.

First i paint my bottle with white primer for better adhesion using decoupage sponge. One coat should be more than enough. You can use acrylic paint but i always suggest to use primer on slippery surfaces such as glass, metal or ceramic.
When my primer is dry i use dark grey paint beacuse i want this colour to show through the cracks.

Another step is to apply crackle medium in places wher we want cracks. Thicker layer will give you bigger cracks and the other way around. It doesn't matter if you use sponge or brush. I don't want my cracks all over the bottle only in several places. Remember to dry everything properly before next step!

When everything is dry I use decoupage sponge to apply light grey colour on the whole bottle. You need to be quite quick when doing so and you can't go back to already painted spot because you will remove paint applied a second ago. Try to tap in one spot couple of times and move on further along without going back. Paint will start cracking strait away. If you want extra large cracks you can use hair dryer from the distance. Don't apply to much heat on wet paint because you will "cook" it and air bubbles will start appearing under the paint.

Once again you need to wait for everything to properly dry.
Now we can start glueing our napkin. I use this very simple napkin with deers and white background. I remove two bottom layers of my napkin and use only top coloured one. We also need to use brush and water to tear our napkin around edges for better blending. Then we can start glueing starting from the middle smoothing wrinkles towards the edge.

The last step is to apply several coats of water based varnish and our bottle is finished. I use gloss varnish most of the time.

At the very end I tie hessian string with wooden stars around the neck of my bottle.
You could put some led lights inside and use your bottle as lap decoration:)


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