Christmas set with clock
For today I prepared quite a long video with loads of steps to follow. This is going to be set of both Christmas box and Christmas medallion with clock.
I already applied white primer on my box. Today I’m using white modelling paste from Stamperia on my stencil. But before I start I spray temporary glue on my stencil, I wait few seconds for glue to dry and becomes sticky and then I can position it on my box. Temporary glue prevents both paint and paste from licking under it. It will also stay in place at the time of painting. After each use I wash my stencil with warm water and repeat the process until all 4 sides are covered.
Now we can start preparing images. Most of the time I tear rice paper with fingers for better blending. This way edges are fluffy and tend to blend better, saving us time with less coats of varnish later on.
Before I start gluing I need to make sure my clock is in the middle of the box so I use ruler and I mark centre of the box as well as middle of each edge where hours; 9, 12, 3 and 6 supposed to be. Only then I start gluing my paper by applying glue first on the box and then on top of my image, smoothing it from the middle towards edges.
When my box is dry I apply one layer of blue paint on sides. I want my lid to be white around the clock and then gradually darker towards edges. I mix white, turquoise and green paint along the way.
Once this is dry I brush more white paint on top of the lid, blending edges where blue and white meets.
Then with almost dray brush I apply more white paint on sides of my box, to expose stencilled pattern.
In the mean time I start working on my medallion. First I use sand paper to remove imperfections on edges as well as matt the surface, so paint can stick to it more easily.
Then I use white primer and sponge to cover my bauble. One coat should be just enough if you are using sponge.
Now I can glue my clock to match the box. As usual I tear images with fingers for better blending.
I also tear my images towards centre, because gluing on curved surfaces is very tricky. If you tear images towards centre, edges will overlap each other instead of creating wrinkles. We will even surfaces later on by varnishing/sanding process.
When my medallion is drying I can go back to work on the box. I found some leftovers from last year decorations, so I will be adding those inside. Again I tear paper with fingers for better blending.
Once my images are ready I use scissors on corner which will go against sides of my box. Then I follow “golden rule” of applying glue under the paper as well as on the top.
I use my favourite decoupage varnish and glue and synthetic brush.
I also add two small holly branches on two corners of the lid. Again some leftovers from previous years.
Now is time to glue one half of acrylic medallion on top of my clock. You will need to cut off this tiny fixing bit. Ask your other half to help you as I manged to crack one before this one. It is best to put it flat on the table, and go over fixing with sharp knife.
I use express glue to attach all my fixings. You have to wait few minutes holding your medallion before it gets dry but once dry it’s very strong.
In the mean time I fill rope moulds with cream paste. This will take at least 12 hours to dry, so creating two ropes of the same size will take about 2 days. Make sure you push paste well inside the hole so there are no air bubbles inside.
As you can see ropes are very flexible when dry and can be glued on round surfaces.
First I glue them around clear face of my clock using the same express glue.
Next step would be splashing blue dots. I mix my paint with splash of water and I use brush with stiff bristle this time, instead of fan brush because I have loads of corners to cover. Fan brush is better on flat surfaces. You can also use tooth brush. I simply shortened my brush buy cutting bristle half way.
When I’m happy with the finish I can start varnishing. I apply several layers of gloss water based varnish and then I use fine sand paper to smooth my surface, with another varnishing to follow. I sand only on top of my lid around clock and inside the lid where I glued rice paper earlier on to even the surfaces.
My box is drying and I can go back to my medallion. I mix matching blue paint and I use sponge to apply my paint on edges.
When my varnishing is finished I glue more ornaments on the corner of the box and some snowflakes. I had those sitting in my drawer for ages, once again those are leftovers from another project.
At the very end I apply two final coats of varnish sealing ornaments and snowflakes
I also glue roping around my medallion and my work is pretty much finished. Perhaps you could add some glitter here and there if you wanted to. I hope you liked this video if so please leave you thumbs up.

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