Easter Eggs with Basket
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Today I will be decorating two Easter eggs together with basket.
I’m using medium plastic eggs but you can also use Styrofoam eggs if you wish so. First I need to used sand paper to smooth all the imperfections as well as make surface of my egg matt so paint can stick to it easily.
Then I apply couple of coats of cream acrylic paint with decoupage sponge. My eggs are yellow and I needed two coats of paint, on white surface one coat should be just enough.
While eggs are drying I prepare my basket by sanding it’s surface with medium grading sand paper, inside as well as outside.
I think my basket was painted with chalk paint so I use primer to prepare the surface making sure I cover corners and edges really well because those were previously scratched.
Now I can prepare my rice paper by tearing images out with fingers. I don’t use scissors because torn edges tend to blend more easily and we won’t need as many layers of varnish later on.
I also tear images towards centre so when gluing on curved surfaces they can overlap each other instead of creating creases.
When everything is prepared I apply decoupage glue on my egg using synthetic brush, then I place image in the centre and add more glue on top. I work my way from the middle towards edges smoothing paper along the way.
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Rice paper is very easy to work with and perfect for beginners. It is much easier to glue it on curved surfaces such as eggs or baubles. It is slightly thicker than napkins but won’t leave wrinkles. You can always add several layers of varnish which is easier than removing all those horrible wrinkles. Don’t get me wrong I love napkins as well I just prefer rice paper on my round objects.
When my basket is dry I apply one coat of cream acrylic paint only on the outside as I plan to use different colour inside.
Next step is gluing rice paper around the basket to match my eggs. All of this is super easy and you can do this with your children if you want to.
Ok when my paint is dry I mix white, blue and mint paint to match colours of flowers on images and I use flat sponge to apply my paint inside of the basket. I also take very little paint on small round sponge wiping excess on kitchen towel and I tap around all edges to achieve frame effect on the basket.
I have quite a lot of green colour around images so I use dark green paint and water and I splash some dots all over the basket as well as eggs. I use fan brush on flat surfaces such as sides of the basket. On eggs I use brush with stiff bristle which I cut hallway to make it shorter. Try to splash paint on piece of paper or kitchen towel first to get rid of excess and then on your work. Eggs always look good with loads of tiny spots.
When everything is dry I apply several coats of gloss water based varnish. Then I use fine sand paper to smooth my work with another layers of varnish. You need to repeat the steps until you are happy with the finish but basically more layers of varnish means better finish.
I do exactly the same with my eggs. First I apply several coats of varnish with sanding between two or three coats. I would suggest to leave your decorated item overnight for drying and do the sanding during the day. I applied 3 coats of varnish and had to sand my eggs 6 times before I was happy with the finish. It took longer with the basket but I repeated it only outside. I didn’t glue any paper inside so there was no need for this process. Paper is slightly raised so varnishing/sanding process evens the surface. Layers of varnish will also give depth to your images.
When I’m happy with the finish I leave my work for another few days to completely dry and then I glue matching satin ribbon using hot melt glue.
At the very end I glue silver bead cups on both ends of my eggs and I apply matching glitter dots around bead cups to finish them nicely.
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