Medallion with Ornaments
Decoupage Tutorial with Christmas themed medallion. In this video you can see how to create your own ornaments using silicone moulds and soft modelling paste as well as how to glue large rice paper on curved surfaces.

First i sanded my medallion with sand paper 240 grading to achive matt surface. Then i used decoupage sponge to apply white primer. You can also use acrylic paint and brush but you might need more than one coat of paint when you use that.

When everything is dry i prepare my rice paper by tearing it with fingers around edges and towards centre. We are going to glue large paper on curved surface of our medallion and we might end up with wrinkles if we don't tear it towards the centre.

I glued my paper by applying one coat of glue on decorated surface then i position my paper in the middle and i add another layer of glue on top of it starting from the middle smoothing wrinkles towards the edge.

To create ornaments we need silicone cake mould and soft modelling paste. This paste is still flexible after drying and can be glued on round surfaces. Fill your mould with the paste and wait for it to dry for about 12 h. Once dry remove ornaments from mould, apply coat of varnish and sprinkle some glitter over it.

When my rice paper is dry i paint background around images with various acrylic paints and bunch of decoupage sponges. Less paint on decoupage sponge will help a lot. If you are not quite happy about matching your background with existing paper you can splash some dots using brush with stiff bristle and paint diluted with water.

Next step is varnishing. I use triple thick varnish for my baubles because it gives high gloss finish. Apply two coats and after drying sand your medallion with high grading sand paper to smooth all inperfections. Then apply another two coats with another sanding between and so on...
We repeat the steps until we are happy about the finish. I decided to finish it at that point when my medallion looks like it's covered with "glass".

At the very end we need to glue ornaments with strong glue and everything is finished.

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I am so pleased to have found your shop. I am a dedicated crafter and love your videos. It is so refreshing to know that as I watch the tutorials I actually know where to source the products. Cannot wait to put my first order in.
Aggies Craft
Thank you
I really love your work, your very talented I've been making baubles for awhile, but only the shabby chic ones, really going to try your method, do you keep all the stuff used in this video in stock Thank you
Aggies Craft
Hi Julie, I usually have most of the supplies:)