Mix Media - Metal Effect on Wooden Box - DIY Tutorial
Mix media tutorial where you can see how to create "metal effect" on wooden box using stencils, wax pastes and structure pastes.

In this video i used special glue in spray to show you how to glue stencils to the box in order to apply structure paste. Spray prevents paint or paste to leak under the stencil.
You can also see what to do if your two step crackle doesn't crack and why. 
Remember to use only solvent based varnish on top of two step crackle as water based variety will wash dry pigment from cracks.
This box doesn't need sealing with varnish if we cover it with wax pastes. If you decide to cover your box with varnish anyway, please remember to apply wax paste on top of it as final finish not the other way around:)

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Comments: 3
Diane x
Just came across your tutorials. They look easy to follow. Thank you for all the tips. Finished item looks fantastic.
Aggies Craft
Thank you Diane:) Or FB message me Judy Damico. I live in Louisiana
I love this and would love to try it by watching your tutorial. Can I substitute craclkle paints and other supplies I already have since I live in US.
Aggies Craft
Hi Judy. All supplies are at
Susan Dalton
Another lovely tutorial Aggie. I am always waiting for your next idea even though I can not do all of them.
Aggies Craft
Thank you Susan:)