Refurbished Wooden Heart with Angel
For today I prepared an easy video with wooden heart. This time I want to show you how to glue napkins without wrinkles.
My heart isn’t new and needs little beat of preparation before the painting. I remove the string and keep it as I want to put it back later on. Then I use thick sand paper to matt the surface of my item so paint can stick to it better.
First I apply layer of dark brown acrylic paint on top and sides of my heart using tapping sponge. If you are using brush you might need two or three layers of paint.
When brown paint is dry I use shabby medium which will help to create distressed look on my heart. It simply helps to remove some of white paint leaving brown colour in place. I apply thin layer of liquid and let it dry completely.
As you know we must glue napkins on either white or very light backgrounds, because paint which is underneath will show trough the paper. If you glue on dark background whole picture will go dark and blurry. You can also use candle instead of shabby medium in places where you want your scratches.
When liquid is dry I apply layer of white paint using tapping sponge once again.
If we are using napkins we can create scratches on our work after gluing images, but it is perfectly ok to create distressed look before. Napkins are very thin and will get scratched with sand paper easily. Please remember when using rice paper you must create scratches first then glue your images.
I remove two bottom layers of my napkin leaving only top colour one.
Then I place my image on cello bag facing down and I add water on top of my napkin, stretching it gently with fan brush. As you can see paper napkin expands under the water and my brush is smoothing all the wrinkles.
Once my job is done I remove excess water using kitchen towels.
When my napkin is ready, I apply thin layer of varnish on top of the heart, and I place my napkin on top of it, then I press kitchen towel against plastic to squeeze air from underneath the napkin. When this is done I gently remove plastic film and I apply layer of varnish using fan brush.
Once everything is dry I use thick sand paper to remove excess on edges as well as to create scratches all over my work.
I glued one large piece of napkin so there is no level difference, there are no wrinkles so couple of layers of varnish will be just enough to protect the heart and my work is done in less than 2 days’ time.
Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for another video.

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