Romantic tray with roses
For today I prepared this rather easy video with rice paper and whitening technique on dark wood.

First I use dark oak stain which was left from painting our fence in the garden. I apply my paint only on sides and back of the tray, as I need white background under my rice paper. This is one of the most important rules in decoupage! We have to glue on white or fairly light background if we use either napkins or rice papers.

When sides of my tray are dry I use synthetic brush and white acrylic paint on the bottom of my try. Try to be very careful not to paint on dark stain.

Bottom of my tray is painted and needs to dry. In the mean time I will still use white paint to do whitening on dark stain. I really like structure of the wood and stain still shows it through, but we can expose it even more by applying whiter paint over it with almost dry brush. I take very little paint on my brush, wiping excess on the paper plate. Then very gently I go over dark paint smoothing it evenly gradually pressing brush harder. I always go in the same direction as wood grain.

Now we can start preparing images. If you watched my other videos you already know that I tear rice paper with fingers for better blending. This way edges are fluffy and tend to blend better, saving us time with less coats of varnish later on.

When my image fits perfectly I apply generous amount of glue on the base of my tray. Then I position my rice paper in the middle and I apply another coat of glue on the top, starting in the centre smoothing paper towards edges.

When everything is dry I use stencil to add more detail to my work. I try to match colour of my paint with the colour of the roses on rice paper.

When I’m happy with the finish I can start varnishing. I apply several layers of gloss water based varnish around my tray and then I use fine stand paper to smooth only base where rice paper was glued on,  with another varnishing to follow. Because I used rice paper only on my base I repeat the “sanding varnishing” process only there not on edges.

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