Wooden Tea Box
Today I will be decorating small wooden tea box for you using paper napkin and reusable stencil.
I start my work from mixing white, grey and brown acrylic paint to match colour of leaves on my napkin. I use both brush and tapping sponge to apply the mixture inside of the box. Make sure you mix enough paint to create matching bricks later on. It would be very difficult to create the same shade later, so I usually mix more paint and then I seal the plate inside the plastic bag for later on.
When cappuccino paint is dry I apply couple of coats of white on the outside, using brush and sponge where needed. I couldn’t make up my mind if I want edges to be white or beige, so first I painted them with darker colour, and then changed my mind and repainted with white. Try not to apply to much paint because box might not close properly later on.
I really like a brick effect on my work so once again I mix paint to achieve similar colour to the colour I used for inside of the box. This is quite difficult so please make sure you have enough on your first go. Stencils are very useful because you can use them with both structure paste and paint. If you clean them straight away you can use them multiple times.
As you know we must glue napkins on either white or very light backgrounds, because paint which is underneath will show trough the paper. If you glue on dark background whole picture will go dark and blurry. Once again I use varnish instead of glue with my napkin as I find it much easier. Please let me know in comments under the video if you tried using varnish instead of glue and what do you think about it.
I glued one large piece of napkin so there is no level difference, there are no wrinkles so couple of layers of varnish will be just enough to protect the box and my work is done.

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