Wooden box with angel and mouldings
For today I prepared video with silicone mouldings and air drying clay. I have to say I’m getting obsessed with clay so you will get more videos like this in near future.
I glued this napkin ages ago using an iron, but because there was not enough glue under the paper, or I ironed my napkin to quickly it split in many places leaving small gaps of white. It would be a shame to throw away perfectly good box so I take sanding paper, and have a good go sanding the lid.
Once sanding is done I start painting the lid with white acrylic primer. It doesn’t matter that my box was originally painted cream and now I paint the lid white. As you probably already know it’s best to glue thin napkins on white background in order to expose their colours in full. I will repaint the whole box different colour later on.
You can use “iron” method to attach image to the lid but I quite like this wet napkin method. So first of all I place my napkin on plastic film, then I pour water on top of it, and I use fan brush to smooth wrinkles. As you can see paper expands under water and there will be no wrinkles when I glue wet napkin.
Then I apply layer of acrylic varnish on top of the box and I place the napkin on it. I use kitchen towel to squeeze air from underneath the napkin and I gently remove plastic film. You can also use credit card but I quite like softness of kitchen towel.
Another layer of water based varnish follows the process and I leave my work for drying overnight.
When everything is dry I start fiddling with silicone moulds and air drying clay. I fill my mould with clay, pushing it quite hard to reach all the corners, and then I gently remove ornament from the form.
I use quick drying glue and brush to attach the decorations around the box. I also tried using heavy body gel and it works quite well so you can use it instead of express glue if you want to. I wait about one hour for clay to dry little beat, and then I press the mouldings against the box once more, so there are no gaps left between moulding and the box. Air drying clay might slightly lift and shrink when drying. I leave my project for drying overnight.
When sides are finished, I start working on roping around the image. Make sure you leave your work for good drying overnight.
I forgot to turn recording to show you that I varnished top of the box to protect images from staining in next step.
Once dry I mix several paints to achieve similar colour to the one on my napkin making sure it’s tiny bit darker as my plan is to whiten this paint later on. I apply layer of my mixture reaching all the small holes between roping and I use wet wipe to remove paint from images. If I didn’t apply layer of varnish on the napkin I wouldn’t be able to wipe this paint of the image without damaging it.
When everything is dry I take natural hair brush and tiny bit of white paint wiping excess on kitchen towel, and I start dry brushing my box exposing raised mouldings further. Make sure you wipe your brush dry, you can always ad more when needed but it would be quite difficult to remove already applied paint.
At the very end I apply several layers of acrylic varnish to protect my work and my box is finished. There is no need of loads of layers as there is no level difference between paper and the box, we covered all the edges with roping. I use gloss varnish but in order to achieve sating finish I apply only two or three coats of it so it isn’t to shiny.
Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. See you soon with another video.

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